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Dear traveller,

A warm welcome to Archaeologist Guided Tours. At Archaeologist Guided Tours, we provide expert Stonehenge tours and the surrounding landscape. Joined by your very own archaeologist, you will enjoy the passion and enthusiasm expressed by our professional and experienced tour leaders on our fantastic and inspiring private tours and small-group day tours.

We are an award-winning tour company, offering an unrivalled and unique opportunity to explore the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Stonehenge, and Avebury prehistoric landscapes, guided by a qualified archaeologist. Our tour includes - Return travel from central London, combining a walking tour of Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, free time to explore Salisbury Cathedral or Roman Baths, Avebury and the Neolithic 5500-year-old burial tomb at West Kennet long barrow. We can also arrange inner circle access to make your day even more special.

Archaeologist Guided Tours is a small, family-run business, working alongside the very best archaeologists with an unmatched passion for the Stonehenge landscape. We really hope you will consider joining us, and will aim to provide you with a day you will never forget. Please take your time to browse our site to learn more about our day trip for private groups and our tour for small groups.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact. We highly value our customers and aim to provide an unrivalled experience which you will never forget. Below we have a selection of recent client testimonials for your reference.

With best wishes,

Archaeologist Guided Tours

4th January 2024

Stonehenge tours from London bus tour

Private groups

For those seeking a truly exceptional experience, you will have the opportunity to explore one of the world's most iconic and enigmatic sites in complete luxury and comfort, tailored to your needs, accompanied by a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

With our private group tour from London, you can design your own full day trip. We will collect you from any location within central London and Salisbury. The duration of your vehicle hire is 10-12 hours depending on the places that you are visiting and traffic conditions on the day. Our prices are also based on 1 collection and drop-off point. If you require the extra collection and drop-offs, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quotation. Our private Stonehenge tours are available all year.

Learn more about our private Stonehenge tour, including tour price, on our private group page.

Small group tour

Between 10 -21 participants, tour from London. Includes many of Europe’s finest Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age monuments.

Uniquely spectacular and fascinating it may be, Stonehenge is not alone. It stands amid one of the world’s greatest concentrations of Neolithic and Bronze Age constructions, burial mounds and earthwork enclosures of various shapes and sizes, a vast sacred area of exceptional potency. The study of this broader context is a distinguishing feature of this tour.

Features countryside walking tour to explore the sites in detail. An independent lunch in Salisbury, home to one of the most uplifting experiences in English Gothic architecture.

Learn more about our Stonehenge tours, including tour price, on our tour for small groups page.


'A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Imagine visiting the best art gallery in the world with your own curator, the British Museum with a historian, or perhaps Shakespeare's Globe with a literary scholar . . . Well, why not visit Stonehenge with your very own expert archaeologist!? We did, and it was the best choice we could have made.' 

Stonehenge, Wayland's Smithy, Uffington Horse, ancient British history! We had a fantastic day trip with Tom, a professional archaeologist. I wanted a private inner circle Stonehenge tour of ancient British history. Tom was so prepared and knowledgeable. And he was wonderful to travel with. The Stonehenge walking tour was amazing. We spent time in the afternoon in the other Stonehenge landscapes, learning about the entire area. Then we visited Stonehenge with Tom at 6:45 pm and it was like we had it all to ourselves. He knew all the ways to make it special. I was reluctant to get too excited about Stonehenge due to the crowds but it was magical!! Two of the best days of my life as a passionate ancient British history student. Highly recommend!'

'A remarkable day travelling to some of England’s most ancient sites. Edward was our guide and gave us wonderful insights into the history of these monumental structures. Edward was a true teacher: he informed, and inspired further learning and the day flew by. Highly recommend this day tour from London.'

'Our first trip to England would not have been complete without a trip to Stonehenge world heritage site. On a whim, I booked the archaeological small group tour with Tom. My husband and I took the tour with our teenage son and my parents. The trip is a highlight of my life. It is positively one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had. Tom was terrific. He has so much knowledge and is very well spoken.'

'I took the Stonehenge day tour, including ancient Roman Baths and Avebury with our guide Edward, and I'll say at the outset that it was terrific. I had been to Stonehenge previously, but this time it felt like I was able to appreciate it in a much deeper way. Edward is knowledgeable, personable, and funny, everything you could ask for in a guide. During the day, he never tired of answering our questions and providing up-to-date information. Although we learned a lot, I should also point out that the tour was great fun, ending up at a convivial pub. I was so thrilled with everything I took from the experience, that I talked about it to friends long after I returned to New York.'

'Best Stonehenge tour, absolutely perfect and well worth the money. It was so nice to be able to have an archaeologist to give more information and answer more questions than you’d get from any other tour guide. The size of the group was excellent, and the inclusion of some of the lesser-known sites was awesome! I learned so much from Kim, and I would do this again in a heartbeat!'

'Took this impressive small group tour to Stonehenge ancient stone circle, the Roman Baths and Avebury with husband and kids (10 and 14 years old). We should have reviewed this sooner, as we’re always telling everyone about the tour and the inimitable Edward S. The tour with Edward S. is like walking into a documentary film and experiencing VR (virtual reality -without the headset), completely engaging for all ages (no PhD required), keeping it light-hearted, fun and effortlessly informative. He injected humor (Yorkshireman’s style and beyond) like a classy entertainer with comedic timing. Don’t waste your money on the big crowded tourist buses, this archeologist’s guided tour is a highlight of your trip to England and money and time well spent. The shuttle bus is clean and the tour is organized. I’d give this tour more than 5 stars if the ratings scale allows it.'

'With an older sister in school for archaeology, I have been on too many history tours to count. This one stands out as the best! I knew nothing about Stonehenge or the history of the land but left with an amazing appreciation for the people and sites here. Our guide was amazing, really making every piece of history incredibly interesting. The guided walking tour around Stonehenge with the physical demonstrations he gave to show how the architecture was designed to use the sun's light was fascinating. A must-see!'

'This was probably my most talked about tour from my two weeks in the UK, and believe me, I took a lot of tours. Edward is a walking, talking encyclopedia of information. When we got to Stonehenge, I saw all of these other tour groups walking around with their sad little earphones on. Not us. We had an actual archaeologist walking us through our tour, talking about the latest information, etc. It was fascinating. We visited a 5300 year old burial mound which again Edward was able to discuss in great detail. No type or amount of questions stumped him. I have wanted to see Stonehenge my whole life and I'm very glad I chose this tour to do it. Other tours are probably ok, functional, etc, but they will fall far short of this one. The whole experience was great and we even had a driver so Edward could focus on talking with us during the transit times. If you want a cursory look at Stonehenge, Bath, Avebury, etc, just to "check the box" so to speak, then this is not your tour. But, if you want to really learn some things I promise you didn't know before, this is the only tour you should consider.'

'There are a number of companies that will take you on a bus to Stonehenge, give you a quick historical lesson, then move you along to the next stop (often Bath). They usually take large groups, and the guides are kind and professional, but are not specialists. They are all fine if you are just looking to check these sites off your list.

Archaeologist Guided Tours offers a much more in-depth look at pre-historical England. The guides are all working Archaeologists, with doctoral-level knowledge of the field, and a passion for teaching. They will go far beyond the surface-level stories you will hear on other tours, but will talk about the techniques that archaeologists use to study sites like Stonehenge, the controversies and debates about the people who lived in England thousands of years ago, and the latest papers on the subject.

If you love archaeology, history, anthropology - or just want to learn a lot more about these subjects in the context of pre-historical England, then this is the absolute best tour for you. The smaller group sizes also make it great for the more inquisitive, as there are ample opportunities to talk to your guide and ask questions.

On the other hand, if you want stories about ancient aliens and mythical druids - look elsewhere. And if you want a quick look at Stonehenge so you can post an Instagram photo before getting on to lunch, there are probably cheaper options. But if you want a deep dive into deep human history lead by an expert guide, this is by far the best choice.'