'Archaeologist Guided Tours' is the trading name of Tours From Antiquity Limited, West Bohetherick Farmhouse, St Dominick, Cornwall, PL12 6SZ | Registered in England and Wales 09823964 | Terms and Conditions



At Archaeologist Guided Tours we aim to provide the best planned, best led and altogether the most fulfilling and enjoyable archaeological tours available.

Archaeologist Guided Tours ONLY do archaeology tours, and as a result we believe we offer an excellent specialist service.

Archaeologist Guided Tours is owned by qualified archaeologists and our archaeology tour leaders are all qualified archaeologists, offering the most professional service possible.


Our itineraries are original, imaginative, well-paced and carefully balanced. Knowledge of the subject matter and the destinations combine with detailed attention to practical matters to ensure an enriching and smooth-running experience.


We work very closely with our partners in order to provide our customers with the best in comfort, service standards and warmth of welcome. We have inspected all hotels, pubs, restaurants and coach hire companies allowing us to offer the very best experience to offer.


We offer fascinating holiday experiences, which in the main are unique to Archaeologist Guided Tours. Few of our UK tours are available elsewhere, none are available guided by qualified archaeologists. Our archaeological holidays have been created with the aid of local expertise, offering journeys with the little extras. At Archaeologist Guided Tours we understand that our guests are both interested in the archaeology and heritage of their chosen destinations but also the landscapes, history and culture, with Archaeologist Guided Tours you will experience and see it all.


Archaeologist Guided Tours is very proud of it's British links, in almost all cases we prioritise the very best local food and drink, offering a convivial ambience of family owned restaurants.


All our UK tours and holidays are physically demanding, with walking an unavoidable element. They are also group holidays, which means that participants need to move around together at a pace which is comfortable for the majority.

Our UK tours should not present problems for anyone who manages everyday walking and stair-climbing without difficulty. But please consult us if you have any doubts about your ability to cope.


For your protection and to meet our responsibilities under the terms of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, all payments made by you will be held separately in our Client Account until completion of your tour/holiday.